Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree maker 2019 has a wide variety of tools and simple navigation coupled with web search features makes it more fascinating than other available genealogy software.

FTM19 is not only a boon for beginners but also a blessing for the experts. FTM 2019 stands for Family tree maker 2019.

Release Date of Family Tree Maker 2019

How To Download Family Tree Maker 2019?

Please follow the steps below:-

2: In the top menu section “click” on family tree maker.

3: A new page will open. You will see a buy now option on the page. Click on it.

4: Now, users will be asked to select the country.

5: On the new page users will see a list. At the top of the list click on family tree maker.

6: Users will see three options on their screens.

They are as follows:

  • Download + DVD (FTM 2019 for mac & windows )
  • USB+ Download (FTM 2019 for mac & windows

following the mentioned steps users can download Family Tree Maker Software

8: In this step, users can see the option of tree vault on the screen. It is an additional free service provided to the FTM 2019 users. It is a one-year free service and after one year a user prefers to continue this service then it will cost $1.99/month. Through the tree vault service, users can operate a tree from their smartphones.

9: In this step, users will see an FTM 2019 companion guide. This guide contains all the information on how to use the family tree maker 2019 software. It will cost users only $24. If you wish then you can add the FTM2019 companion guide to the cart. It is available in traditional as well as in a spiral format for both mac & windows.

Follow the steps to download family tree maker 2019

11: Now, users will see charting companion 7. Through charting companion, 7 users can build charts and color coding more easily.

12: On this page, the user will see DNA testing and genealogical software from Blaine Bettinger. Users can read about DNA testing in family tree maker 2019. If you wish to buy this software then it will cost you $24.

13: It is a plugin available for family tree maker 2019 ( available only for windows ). This plugin helps the user to turn the book into a detailed personalized book in a few minutes with just a few clicks. You can process the book into different formats like DOCX, DOC, RTF, or in independent file formats like PDF, EPUB, JPEG, and PNG. Users don’t need to have Microsoft office or any other word processing software. Users can buy this software through two methods.

They are: Download only: It will cost you $49.95.

CD + Download: If the user wishes to have a CD with the download then it will cost you $59.95.

Note: This plugin is only available for windows

15: Users can see the essential photo organizing video course by Maureen Taylor.

16: The templates in the family tree creator 2019 are the ultimate citation reference, as they guide users through the historical source and evidence. It will set you back $49.95.

17: This book makes it simple to organize family members in a family tree. It inspires the user to design the tree in a beautiful and orderly manner.

18: In This Step, Users can order a family tree maker 2019 mug if they desire. Users will pay $12 for a single cup and $39.95 for a four-pack of mugs.

20: Users will be asked to fill in some basic details like the first name, last name, email address, phone number, country, state, city, address, and zip code.

21: Fill in the details and select a payment option before moving on to the next step. Users must now complete the payment process. Users will receive an email with a link to download Family Tree Maker 2019 as soon as their payment is completed.

How to install FTM 2019 Software?

Follow the steps below to install FTM using the downloadable link sent by MacKiev.

  1. Then, Click on the FTM2019 download link.
  2. Click on the FTM 2019 download file and the installation process will start.
  3. After the installation, the user will see a family tree maker 2019 icon on the desktop.
  4. Open the Family Tree Maker 2019 by clicking on the icon. The user can now sync Family Tree Maker 2019 with, and the installation process for Family Tree Maker 2019 is complete.

Note: The FTM 2019 download link will be sent to users for both MAC and Windows.

Follow the steps below to install FTM using the DVD sent by MacKiev.

  1. If you get the autorun option, please follow the onscreen instruction or go to your DVD disc location and click on FTM.exe. Please follow the image below.
  2. Click on continue to install your copy on your device. So, you can use Family Tree Maker 2019.
  3. Follow the same process for USB Flash Drive.

Key Features in Family Tree Maker 2019

  • one click Sync with
  • Ancestry and FamilySearch hints
  • View collaborative maps & family history timelines
  • TreeVault
  • Next to Kin

Latest Highlights in Family Tree Maker Online 2019

Ancestry & Family Search Hints in the Index

Perfection in the profile photo

Turn Back 1000 steps in FTM 2019

Online cloud service — Tree Vault

Top Elements in FTM 2019

Creating Charts and Reports and share them with family & friends

There is a choice to view and display an individual’s ancestors and their family members. The index of the individual reports has also been enhanced.

Organize media with easiness

Ancestors on map

Color coding enhancement

Darkroom for photos

Themed backgrounds and borders for printing

Minimum System Requirement in FTM 2019For Macintosh: OS X 10.10 or later, including macOS Catalina 10.15, 900 MB hard disk space, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), 1280 x 800 screen resolution.For Windows: Windows 7 or later, including Windows 10, 900 MB hard disk space, 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended), 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

System Requirement in FTM 2019 so you can get the right device for your use.


Question:- Is it possible for me to get a family tree maker 2019 download for free?
Answer:- No, you can not get a family tree maker 2019 download for free. MacKiev does not provide a free trial.

Question:- Can I get a free upgrade from FTM17 to a Family tree maker 2019 upgrade?
Answer:- It is not possible as there is a charge to upgrade from 2017 to 2019.



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we are supporting for family tree maker. family tree maker released a new version of family tree maker 2019. Color coding, this is one of the features added in