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What is Family Tree Maker?

Family Tree Maker is an application. It helps users to store the data of a person. A user can enter information like when a person was born, marriage, achievements, and death information. Users can include citations and detailed notes in FTM software.

Origin of family tree maker and who owns it now?

The software was developed by Banner Blue, which was owned by Kenneth Hess. Kenneth had an interest in genealogy research. In 1995, Broderbund purchased this software. Family Tree Maker was sold to different companies, but it got famous when ancestry purchased it. Right now MacKiev Software Inc owns it.

Can someone create a simple family tree on paper?

Yes, someone can. A user can create a simple family tree on paper. If you are creating a basic family tree then you should keep yourself, your parents, and your grandparents. If you add more people to your tree, then the tree will become bigger and then you will need software instead of paper.

Why does a user need a Family Tree Maker Support?

Since it is software and since it has many features in it. A user may face issues or software itself may create bugs or the device where FTM is installed may create some issues. There are many issues that a user cannot resolve by reading online blogs. A Mackiev Family Tree Maker user may need to call and get help from an expert. So, we provide a phone number to the software users so they can contact us and get instant help. Here is our Family Tree Maker Support Number to reach us 24×7 +1–888–299–3207.

Who all provides Family Tree Maker Support?

You can get Chat Support, for free from MacKiev. MacKiev does not provide remote support but they can guide you on the chat and help you resolve your problem for free. If you are looking for Family Tree Maker help from an organization that provides remote support then you should call us at +1–888–299–3207. Here is our Family Tree Maker Help Number +1–888–299–3207.

How can I export a Gedcom file using an older version of Family Tree Maker?

Gedcom file can be used to move your family tree from one program to another. If you want to upload your tree to a family tree builder or ancestry or any other program, then you should create Gedcom.
Follow the steps below
Open Family Tree Maker
Click on file
Select export option
Select the file type and find the location to save the file
Make sure to put the right name for the file.

Tips for choosing the family tree maker software

1: — Budget

Fix your budget. Now all you need to do is to look for the Family Tree Maker Software that fits your budget. There are many products available in the market which offer services at a wide range.

2: — Purpose

Look out for what purpose you need the FTM software. If you want to use the software on the large scale or for some limited amount of work.

3: — Features

Many Family Tree Maker Software companies provide you with software with different features. Look for the software which best suits your requirements. Compare the features of the software and which best fits in your checklist, go for it.
You can also ask for the trial version of the software for a better understanding of the software. There are many more things that you need to look at before buying the family tree maker Software such as compatibility, security, and many more things.

Family Tree Maker 2017 FAQ

Question:- I’ve installed a new Family Tree Software Mackiev version. Should I keep the old version?

From where can I buy family tree software?

Buy FTM 2017 from MacKiev online store. If you are looking for a discounted price then you should contact MacKiev chat support.

How to log in to FamilySearch?

More questions and answers for family tree maker software What are the system requirements for FTM 2017?

FTM 2017 runs on Windows 7 / Windows 8/ Windows 10 and needs a hard drive space of at least 700 MB. 2 gigabytes of RAM is necessary for your system to run the software properly. So make sure to buy a computer which has the right size of ram and hard disk space.

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How to Login Ancestry Account

Family Tree Maker 2019 FAQ

Can I install FTM19 on multiple computers?

What is TreeVault Service?

It is a cloud-based service introduced to users with FTM2019. If you lose your device, you can go online and download your tree from TreeVault.

Do I need to create an antenna tree in TreeVault?

Yes, you should and you should choose your main tree as an antenna tree. So, if you lose your device, you can get your tree up and running.

My new computer does not have a CD drive, how can I install FTM2019?

You can download it from the internet. Please contact MacKiev and request them to send you a link. You can also go to the family tree maker 2019 upgrade center to redownload your copy. If are not able to install the software, please contact our support team. so we can assist you with it.



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