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In a very simple language, Family Tree Maker is a program that allows users to enter family information. A user can enter information while they are doing research on their family. These data can include ancestors or descendants too. You can add living person information too. FTM was originally developed by Kenneth Hess. In 1995 Broderbund purchased it. FTM went through many other ownerships. In 1997 family tree maker introduced a mac version of the software. Mac was version was discontinued for almost one decade and later it was relaunched in 2010. announced in December 2015 that they will discontinue FTM. With this, they committed to support the program for a year. Family Tree Maker was purchased by MacKiev in 2016. MacKiev has it’s headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. Interestingly, the Mac version of FTM was developed by MacKiev. The current version of Family Tree Maker software is owned by MacKiev Software Incorporation. The current version is the Family Tree Maker 2019 version.

How to get Family Tree Maker Support?

Family Tree Maker Live Chat — 24×7 Support

To get support for your software issues, you can contact MacKiev by going to their website. You can get free Family Tree Maker Live chat support from MacKiev. We also provide free chat support. If you need us to resolve your issue, please activate your support subscription with us.

Phone Support — 24×7 Phone Support

If you encounter an issue and need someone on the phone. We are one of the best support providers for FTM software. All you need to do is to call our Toll Free +1–888–299–3207 and someone will guide you.

Remote Support –

Some issues can not be resolved on the phone and that is where remote support is needed. Our Remote support is a premium service, and a user will need to pay to access a technician service.

Latest Version — Family Tree Maker 2019

Family Tree Maker 2019 version ( is the most updated version till today (04/11/2022). It was launched on 29th September 2019 by MacKiev. FTM19 has many new features. If you own a previous version, then you can check for upgrade discounts provided by MacKiev.

Key Features of FTM2019

  1. TreeVault — A service that allows user to keep their data in the cloud.
  2. Next of Kin — A service that allows you to designate a person after you stop using the software.
  3. Color Coding — You can use this service to color one bloodline.
  4. FamilySync — You can sync a tree from another family member using this service.
  5. Ancestry & FamilySearch — Sync your family tree with one of the best genealogy databases and get hints while you are researching.
  6. Photo Darkroom — a tool that allows the user to edit the photograph. It is a simple tool but a powerful one. You can edit even a faded photo using this tool.

The latest version is mentioned above. Please note the image is only for reference, we are not MacKiev.

New features added in family tree maker 2019

There are a few new features added in FTM2019, we have tried to mention all of them below.

  1. TreeVault — It is a cloud-based service. Family tree maker 2019 download will download the TreeVault automatically, so you will not have to download TreeVault separately. TreeVault allows user to view their changes on a real-time basis.
  2. Turnback Time — If you made a mistake while entering information, this service allows you to roll back when the mistake was made.
  3. Index hints — When you get hints in the index from your favorite service provider ancestry, FamilySearch then it is easier to download the information from the web.
  4. Album walk is also added, this can allow voice recording as well.

These fantastic features will make you feel, that the Family tree maker 2019 upgrade is worth upgrading. Family tree maker 2019 has one of the best family charts and reports. You can create a beautiful book and get it printed and distribute it among your friends and family. You can use family book creator to create a book in FTM2019.

Family Tree maker 2019 FAQ

  1. How can I upgrade Family Tree Maker?
    Please visit the MacKiev upgrade center to upgrade the family tree maker.
  2. I have Family Tree Maker 2005, can I still upgrade Family tree maker?
    yes, you can. Please contact family tree maker online and get help if you are not able to upload your FTM2005 data.
  3. What is the status of the family tree maker 2019 companion guide?
    As per MacKiev, it is not available, and they are not sure when it is going to be available for users.
  4. Is there a way to get FTM 2019 manual?
    Hardcopy — No, Softcopy- yes. Please go to the help section of FTM and download the FTM 2019 manual.

How to get data from ancestry to family tree maker?

Ancestry owned family tree maker years ago, so some users are still not sure who owns FTM right now. Ancestry is one of the largest genealogy database companies. You can go to the login page and sign in. Download the Gedcom file and upload it to the family tree maker.

You may also download the tree from ancestry by going to the ancestry sign-in page in FTM and then signing in ancestry account. Go to the new tree and click on download tree from ancestry.

Ancestry FAQ

  1. Will I get all my data from ancestry to FTM, if I download a tree from ancestry?
    No, please read our blog to understand it more.
  2. Can I download a Gedcom from ancestry?
    Yes, you can. We have written a blog; you may read and follow the step-to-step guide.
  3. Do I have to pay ancestry and FTM?
    You will need to pay ancestry if you going to use ancestry services for research and if you want to upgrade, you will need to pay one time free to MacKiev. If you already own FTM19 and want to reinstall it, you can get a free copy of it.

If you face family tree maker problems, then you can contact us. We support family tree maker software. Please note we charge for our services.

What difference between ancestry and family tree maker?

Ancestry is a web-based genealogy database company. It allows users to create a family tree and some basic reports and charts. When you create a tree on ancestry it is slightly difficult as it depends on your internet. Please remember you can not install it on any phone or smart device.

You can install family tree maker on only Mac or Windows OS. If you are using Chromebook, Linux, or another operating system then you will not be able to install this program.

With ancestry, you can use it on any device. The device must have a browser and internet connection.

Tips for choosing the family tree software

1: — Budget

Fix your budget. Now all you need to do is to look for the Family Tree Software that fits your budget. There are many products available in the market which offer services in a wide range.

2: — Purpose

Look out for what purpose you need the FTM software. If you want to use the software on the large scale or for some limited amount of work.

3: — Features

Many FTM Software companies provide you with software with different features. Look for the software which best suits your requirements. Compare the features of the software and which best fits your checklist, go for it.


Question:- I’ve installed a new Family Tree Software MacKiev version. Should I keep the old version?

Answer:- No, Once you have installed the FTM 2017 Software MacKiev version, uninstall the old version. Better you keep it in a different folder or on an external drive.

Question- Is Family Book Creator plugin by Stefan Harms compatible with the new versions?

Answer — Yes! It’s a free update for his Family Book Creator (FBC) for FTM 2017.

Question — From where can I buy family tree maker software?

Answer- Buy FTM 2017 from MacKiev online store. If you are looking for a discounted price then you should contact MacKiev chat support.

Question — Can a User Download Family Tree Maker for free?
Answer — No, a user cannot Download Family Tree Maker 2019 for free. MacKiev does not give a trial version out for the user to try. You will need to purchase it if you want to use an FTM. A user can go to MacKiev chat and request an FTM Free trial but as per our information, it is not available as a free trial.

Question — Can someone create a simple family tree on paper?
Answer — Yes, someone can. A user can create a simple family tree on paper. If you are creating a basic family tree then you should keep yourself, your parents, and your grandparents. If you add more people to your tree, then the tree will become bigger and then you will need software instead of paper.


We are an online technician service provider. we don’t have any relationship with MacKiev, ancestry, FamilySearch, or any brand. We only provide technician service. Any use of third-party trademarks, brand names, Products, and Services is only for referential purposes. hereby disclaims any sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement of or by any third parties. If your product is covered under warranty, then support service may be available for free from the manufacturer. You can always visit their respective website to get free service. You can also request our customer service to provide your contact information for any brand in case you would want to reach them.

Please call the Family Tree Maker Support Number +1–888–299–3207, so you can get instant help.



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