Signing in to and out of Your Ancestry® Account

Are you facing a problem with Signing in to and out of Your Ancestry Account? Don’t worry about this Addition, We will discuss How to Signing in to and out of your Ancestry Account. Ancestry is an informational website that holds genealogical information.

Signing in to and out of Your Ancestry Account

How to sign up with

How much does ancestry charge?

U.S. Discovery — User can access all records on ancestry limited to United State. So, if the user thinks, user’s ancestor was not from outside of the United State then the user should go for U.S. discovery.

World Explorer — A user can access U.S. and international records available on ancestry. So, if the user thinks, user’s ancestors were from outside of United State then the user should go for world explorer.

All Access — All-access allows to access all ancestry information, basic, and If the user is into deep genealogy research, then the user should go for this service because the user will have access to all information which is on sign in to an account?

How to sign in to in Family Tree Maker?

  1. Active ancestry account (Trial/Paid)
  2. User ID or email address of ancestry account.
  3. Password for ancestry account.

Note — If you do not have an ancestry account, you can sign up for a 14days trial service or you can go for paid ancestry account.

Instructions to log in to ancestry account in family tree maker software

Please type your email address and your ancestry password. Click on sign in and you will be able to login to your ancestry account in Family Tree Maker 2019.

Note — Only Family Tree Maker 2019 allows the user to sign into an ancestry account. The earlier version has been discontinued and will not allow users to log in to ancestry.

How to fix sign-in failed error in ancestry when login into FTM19?

Check your email address or User ID that you have used for your ancestry account. Be sure It is correct.

Steps to reset ancestry password –

Now you can log in to your ancestry account using your user id or email address and using a new password. If you still face any issues, you can call our ancestry log-in support to get instant help.

Why can I not log in to Ancestry in family tree maker 2017?

You can also try to update your family tree maker 2017 and see if updating your software fixes your issue.

My Family Tree Maker 2014 does not allow me to sync to ancestry. How to fix it?

You will not be able to fix this issue as you are using an older version of FTM. If you are not using FTM19 and using an older version, then you will need to upgrade your software.

Family Tree Maker support number +1–888–299–3207

You can Contact us Family Tree Maker Support Number to get your issue resolved. We provide phone support 24×7. Family Tree Maker Support number is +1–888–299–3207. So, you can call for help.



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